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Love yas

Love yas is a term I use to showcase gratitude, and appreciation. In my mind, I will never be able to put to words how much people in my life really mean to me.

“Love you” is what you say to your family. “I love you” is what you say to one person.

“Love yas” is a quick way of saying “If I had the time right now I would tell you a million and one things I am thankful for about you, but to save us both time I’ll just say “Love Yas”.


Nick Cassano is a 22 year old entrepreneur and creator with a bachelors in Marketing and a PH.D in making people laugh, hard work, and discipline. Nicky Cass Media was birthed while Nick was creating content daily on social media, growing his brand, and trying to graduate college. Through those years and Nick has built a severe passion for creativity, building relationships, and acting as a creative catalyst for individuals and brands. Whether you see him on your Instagram feed or ESPN dressed like a football player mic’d up hitting garbage bags, or sitting across the table from you consulting on your brands marketing and branding, Nick always maintains his old school, do the best job possible and be as humble as possible mentality (and of course, making you laugh).
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