Love yas.


My Mission

Spread good in the world through laughter, while always maintaining who I am.


Words that lay the Foundation

Nick Cassano

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Nick Cassano has been creating content on social media for over two years, relentlessly following his mission of spreading good in the world through laughter. Nick believes that laughter is the cure. In a moment of laughter, you don’t think- you just smile.

Through hard work, passion, and discipline Nick has been able to create an audience of over 2 million people that look forward to his content every day. The content varies over many different themes and demographics like sports, growing up in an old school Italian household, lifestyle and motivation, and longer form vlog type videos.

His content has been featured on major media outlets such as ESPN, Barstool Sports, Bleacher report, Jomboy Media, BuzzFeed video, and Overtime sports, and has had the opportunity to help market and grow businesses from major global brands to new age startups.

But most importantly, every piece of content put out at its core is focused on making someone’s day just an ounce better, and sticking to the mission because sometimes, an ounce better can act as five pounds better.

What does “Love yas” mean?

“Love yas is a term I use to showcase gratitude, and appreciation. In my mind, I will never be able to put into words how much people in my life really mean to me. ‘Love you’ is what you say to your family. ‘I love you’ is what you say to one person. ‘Love yas’ is a quick way of saying ‘If I had the time right now, I would tell you a million and one things I am thankful for about you, but instead I’ll just say ‘Love yas’”

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Nick Cassano

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